The Illusions of Christmas

And so it begins. The lights go up, the red and green pop out on every shelf and the season begins. Long before Thanksgiving. Why, on writing this it’s not even Halloween. Is the marketing blitz about Christ? A gentle man whose philosophy has touched mankind for almost 2000 years so far? Is it about the timeless power of love? Of course not. We all know that. It’s about money. And so many of us dread it. It seems to be a time of year that can point up all our failures. Those of us who struggle to earn a living struggle more. Those of us who are lonely become lonelier. It seems that a season which should embrace us all too often points the finger at us. “YOU HAVEN’T ENOUGH!” The voice of the Lord? Please! None but the voice of the ego.

What a wonderful opportunity we have, at this time of year, to look our illusions full in the face and say “no” to the superficial. As usual the greatest force in existence, peace, love and forgiveness, faces off against greed and ambition. There’s a beauty to it, really. It’s a classic human adventure. We seem to live dual lives during Christmas and the holidays. We shop and worry and rush, and dress up to go to all those Christmas parties that we’re often too tired to really want to attend, and in the lining of our hearts lurks the real meaning of it all. Sometimes, perhaps, disguised as cynical resentment. At least we’re aware that we’re being robbed of something.

Let’s not blame this on the business community. After all, they are us. I’ve been killing myself constructing a web site to be ready for Christmas. After all, that’s when people buy. But let’s not kid ourselves. It’s about so much more than that. If you don’t need to be reminded of this then you don’t need to be reminded that some people need to be reminded. Love is enough. Love is always enough. Without it we are left with only the illusion. Christmas is more than that.

Each year a dear friend of mine gives a lavish Christmas party. I always meet interesting new people. But it’s also the only time of the year I see and catch up with some old friends. It’s such an oasis for us to meet there because we really care.

This Christmas feel good about yourself. Do what you can do without losing your balance, emotionally as well as in the check book. We can all find something to feel inadequate about. Guilt is an ego trip. We most often judge ourselves more severely than anyone else could. Forgive yourself for everything and enjoy the season. Then you can give the greatest gift of all. Love.